What is Malawianic

Malawianic officially launched in December 2018 as a discussion forum and media aggregator featuring content from malawians.

Malawianic was created to deal with the problem of lacking a malawian platform to share content, discuss and interact with malawians easily. Our aim is to provide quality content from Malawi.

So why was this site created?

We're driven by the desire to allow malawians to share quality content to one another in a nice and friendly atmosphere. We found getting quality content from malawians very hard due to lack of community platforms. We aim to make it easy to for malawians to share content which will be rated by the community and hopefully be indexed for users searching for quality content on search engines.

How does malawianic work?

The community share links, posts stories which other users can comment on. The comments is where most of the discussion takes place. The community can then upvote the content they like or downvote the content they don't like. The content with most upvotes will rank higher than content with a lot of downvotes.