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Ufulu Digital Account is a virtual account created by FDH while allows customers to pay bills, buy airtime, withdraw cash, receive cash and many more.

Ufulu Digital Account is open to both FDH and Non-FDH bank account holders. If you haven't opened Ufulu account yet, you can follow this straight forward guide

Depositing money into FDH Ufulu Digital Account is very simple and straight forward:

  1. You need to go any FDH Bank Service Centre or Banki Pakhomo Agent.

  2. Fill in the necessary details in a deposit slip. Use your phone number as your account number e.g. 0888XXXXXX, 0999XXXXX.

  3. Submit your deposit slip together your cash to the bank teller or agent to complete the deposit transaction.

  4. The money will appear in your Ufulu Account.

That's it folks. I hope you found this post useful.

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