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You can buy tnm data bundles by following the steps outlined below:

Step 1: dial *202#

*202# dialing image

A new dialog with open as shown below which contains 4 options.

*202# dialog

*Smart Social - allows you to buy social bundles such as Facebook bundles, Whatsapp bundles and music bundles. Enter 1 to buy social bundles.

*Smart Surf - allows you to buy daily and weekly bundles. It contains useful bundles such 1GB(daily)/ 1GB(weekly) bundles, Opera mini bundles and many more. Enter 2 to buy smart surf bundles.

*Smart Standard Bundle - it is made up of a lot bundles from weekly to monthly bundles. It has bundles ranging from 30mb to 20GB+. Enter 3 to buy smart standard bundles.

Step 2: Select from bundle that suits you. Let's pretend we want to buy a bundle from Smart Surf. Enter 2 to buy a bundle from Smart Surf.

buy smart start bundle

Step 3: Enter 1 to choose Smart Start Bundle.

smart start bundle

Step 4: Enter 1 to choose Smart Start Daily.

smart start daily

Step 5: Confirm by entering 1(confirm).


Note: from step 2 to step 5 it's just a demo of how to buy bundle(Smart Start Daily), the steps might differ depending on the bundle you want to buy.


You can also buy tnm data bundles directly by entering a subscription code. For example to buy the same bundle we bought you can type *200*7# and you will be able to buy the bundle. Every bundle has a subscription code you can use to buy directly. Visit TNM Website to view all subscription codes for all the bundles.

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