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Hilco is a popular afro-pop artist who got famous with hits like Chekecheke, Sanyada, Trouble and many more.

In this list we will count down her top 5 popular songs. The ranking is based on the amount of views the videos have on Youtube:

#5 (17K views): Hilco - Trouble

At number 5 is Trouble which has 17K views. The music video was directed by Vj Ken and released on June 5 2018

Download Hilco - Trouble mp3 audio here:

# 4 (24K views): Hilco - Chi Bae

At number 4 is Chi Bae which has over 24K views ranking as the fourth most watched music video by Hilco.

Download Hilco - Chi Bae mp3 audio here:

#3 (25K views): Hilco - Ekezakitile

At number 3 is Ekezakitile, The music video has 25k views and it was released back in 2015.

Download Hilco - Ekezakitile mp3 audio here:

#2 (90K views): Hilco - Chekecheke

Chekecheke comes at number two with over 90K views making it her second popular song. The music video was released on October 9 2015

Download Hilco - Chekecheke mp3 audio here:

#1 (100K views): Hilco - Touch And Go

At number 1 is "Touch and Go". The music video has over 100K views making it the most watched music video by Hilco. It was released on October 28 2016.

Achievements as of 02/02/19:

  • 1 music videos over 100K
  • 256K combined views

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mchar 1 points 3 years, 7 months ago

I didn't realize touch and go was that popular. I mostly heard people talking Chekecheke and Chi Bae. Am suprised.

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