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In this list, we are counting down top 10 popular songs by Thoko Katimba. The countdown is based on the music videos popularity on Youtube.

We hope this list will help you discover Thoko Katimba's popular music videos.

So the following are the top ten popular music videos by Thoko Katimba:

#10 (26K views): Thoko Katimba - Ndatsimikiza

#9 (39K views): Thoko Katimba - Yesu Ndikukondani

#8 (46K views): Thocco Katimba - Undipatse Mpata

#7 (49K views): Thocco Katimba - Banja Lodala

#6 (52K views): Thoko Katimba - Ndidzaimabe

#5 (59K views): Thocco Katimba - Undilonderanji

#4 (87K views): Thoko Katimba- Agondwe

#3 (111K views): Thoko - Anaphi

#2 (153K views): Thoko katimba - Nthambi

#1 (177K views): Thoko katimba - Mwasintha Nyengo Zanga

Achievements as of (02/06/19:

877K combined views.

3 music videos with over 100k views

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sono 1 points 3 years, 3 months ago

It's been a long time since you created a list like this for an artist.

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f123 1 points 3 years, 3 months ago

Been very busy this couple of months but don't worry I have started again. I was mostly focused on monthly lists but now I will continue compiling artists lists too.

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