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In this list, we are counting down top ten popular music videos of August 2019.

The countdown and the ranking is based on Youtube views the music videos have. We hope you will enjoy the list and discover new popular music:

#8 (1.8K views): Taimon Tipa - Fire Fire

Starting at number 8 is Fire Fire by Taimon Tipa. The music video was released August 23 and it has over 1.8K views.

Download Taimon Tipa - Fire Fire mp3 audio here:

#7 (2.5K views): POV Isaac The Duke - Bomba Sakhalira

At number 7 is Bomba Sakhaliara with over 2.5K views. The music video was released on August 8.

Download POV Isaac The Duke - Bomba Sakhalira mp3 audio here:

#6 (2.8K views): Nic Thindwa - Osaopa

At number 6 is Nic Thindwa with Osaopa. The music video has over 2.8K.

Download Nic Thindwa - Osaopa mp3 audio here:

#5 (5.4K views): Vube - Koka

At number 5 is Vube with Koka which has managed to gain over 5.4K views and it was released on 24 August on Youtube.

Download Vube - Koka mp3 audio here:

#4 (9.5K views): Waxy K - Z.A.O(Zokonda Anthu Okongola) ft Rakim23

At number 4 is Waxy K with his comeback music video Z.A.O which has over 9.5K views. Which is impressive for a video that came out on August 14 this year.

Download Waxy K - Z.A.O [Zokonda Anthu Okongola] ft Rakim23 mp3 audio here:

#3 (18K views): Symon & Kendall - Natalia

At number 3 is Natalia by Symon & Kendal. The music video was released just a week ago(August 19) and it has managed to crack the top 3.

Download Symon & Kendall - Natalia mp3 audio here:

#2 (20K views): Lulu - Hanna ft B1

Lulu comes at 2 with over 20K views. His music video for Hanna was released on August 13 and is the second most viewed music video shows that Lulu still has huge star power.

Download Lulu - Hanna ft B1 mp3 audio here -

**#1 (23K views): Wikise - Chikam'phulikire

At number 1 is Wikise with his song Chikam'phulikire. The music video was released recently on August 19, and it has managed to gain over 23K views and become number within a week.

Download Wikise - Chikam'phulikire mp3 audio here:

August 2019 was an interesting month as we saw heavy weights like Symon & Kendal, Lulu, Wikise and of course Waxy K make a comeback.

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