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Today marks the end of 2020. As always we decided to compile the top 20 hottest and most popular Malawian music videos. We had great releases this year from Skeffa Chimoto, Patience Namadingo, Phyzix, Janta, Kell kay, and many more.

So let's get down to the details and see the artists whose music ruled on Youtube. As always, we will sort our list from the lowest viewed music videos to the most viewed video. Can you guess who is gonna top the list??

#20 (49K views): Evance Watsopano Meleka - Amaziwana, Amaziwana ranks at number 20 with over 49K views. Spoler alert, this aint the only time Evance will appear on this list.

#19 (52K views): Joseph Nkasa - Sangalala, at number 19 is Joseph Nkasa. Looks like the guy is still able to make hits even after over 15 years. He is truly a legend.

#18 (57K views): Azizi - Bwenzi Lokonda, at number 18 is Azizi with his song Bwenzi lokonda. The music videos has peaked at 57K views.

Download Azizi - Bwenzi Lokonda mp3 audio here:

#17 (61K views): Thoko Katimba - Misonzi Ya Chimwemwe, Thoko Katimba is still rulling the gospel scene. His song Misonzi Ya Chimwemwe has managed to reach number 17 with over 61K views.

#16 (63K views): Saint- Hi Ha ft Macelba, Laynex Luther and Eshent, Saint come out this year with another hit Hi Ha, the music video has managed to gain over 63K views in just 3 months.

Download Saint- Hi Ha ft Macelba, Laynex Luther and Eshent mp3 audio here:

#15 (64K views): Bayani Heaven Door Choir - Undilondelanji, the Bayanani Choir is ranking at number 15 with over 64K views. It must have been loved by a lot of people for it to peak at 64K.

#14 (65K views): Made see - Jembe Ft Namadingo, new comer Made see has his song at 65K views. The song features Namadingo.

#13 66K views: Dan Lu - Chakalaka, Dan lu is ranking at number 13. The r&b star managed to produce a hit this year and it currently at 66K views.

Download Dan Lu - Chakalaka mp3 audio here:

#12 (66K views): Evance Meleka ft Stellah Mwanza - Ulendo, the duet between Evance and Stellah has peaked at 66K views, pushing the song to number 12.

#11 (68K views): [Stellah Mwanza - Mponyeleni Chingwe)[, the gospel hit Mponyeleni Chingwe has managed to to gain over 68K views in 10 months ranking it at number 11.

#10 (71K views): Phyzix - Follow ft. Eli Njuchi & Macia, Follow featuring Eli Njuchi and Macia comes at number 10. The music video was released 3 months ago. It's an incredible achievement.

Download Phyzix - Follow ft. Eli Njuchi & Macia mp3 audio here:

(#9 78K views): Evance Watsopano Meleka FT Phungu Joseph Nkasa - Yeriko Agwe, Yeriko Agwe managed to crack this year top ten. Evance Meleka still is popular after all this time. We are looking forward from more music from him.

#8 (80K views): Wikise - Ndilibe (Official Music Video), At number 8 is Wikise the Ghetto boy. His has cracked the top 10 and it's no surprise as to why.

Download Wikise - Ndilibe mp3 audio here:

#7 (85K views): Janta ft Lucius Banda - Madalitso Anga (Official Music Video), Madalitso Anga was another bop Malawians danced to this year. The song gained over 85K views in just 6 months.

Download Janta ft Lucius Banda - Madalitso Anga mp3 audio here:

#6 (94K views): Kell Kay -Engagement party song (CHINKHOSWE WONDERFUL PERFORMANCE) ft. TAY GRIN, His engament party song managed to get over 94K views. The song even got better when Tay Grin performed. Its a great video, I encourage you to watch it.

#5 (176K views): Skeffa Chimoto - Kankha, Skeffa Chimoto is a legend and only a legend can make it to top 5 without shooting a music video. That's exactly what Skeffa Chimoto has done this year.

#4 (265K views): Namadingo - Musuma (Official Video), Musuma comes at number 4 with 265K, this song stole malawian hearts and made it to top 5. Great job Namadingo!

Download Namadingo - Musuma mp3 audio here:

#3 (310K views): Namadingo and Giddes Chalamanda Mashup, Namadingo mash up with Giddes managed to make it top 3, only legends can do that.

#2 (492K views): Namadingo P - RM5 feat Lucius Banda part 2, second is Namadingo again, His RM5 with Lucious Banda has managed to accumulate over 492K views in just 7 months.

#1 (2M views): Namadingo - Mapulani (Official video), it's no secret that Patience Namadingo ruled 2020. His video reached 1M Youtube views in just 4 months and now it is at 2M making it the most watched Malawian music video ever!

Download Namadingo - Mapulani mp3 audio here:

I hope you have enjoyed reading this year's list. Leave a comment below to let us know your thoughts.

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